Our History

“Come and See,” says the Lord.

With the blessing of HE Nicolae our Archbishop of the Americas, after 7 years of dedication to the Lord in Toronto, our project to have a Monastery located in the countryside has become a reality: we give thanks to the Lord and give Him glory.

During the Holy Week, last May, we visited a property East of Orangeville and we immediately knew this was just what we were looking for. Then we undertook the complicated path of finding financing in order to secure the purchase of that property.

On the 1st of August 2013, the Monastery was now the owner of the property located at Mono Mills. That day, Father Gheorghe Tiu and Father Nicolas, blessed the waters and the newly erected cross on the property to inaugurate this new beginning: this was a day to celebrate and quite a good number of people joined us for the service and throughout the day.

Our History

Major renovations were done to the house. The garage was transformed into a modest chapel dedicated to Saint Anna. 

We take this opportunity to thank all of the donors, benefactors and founders of our humble Romanian Orthodox Monastery. 

In the nearest future, we hope to build a small monastic Church on our 17 acre land, along with a new monastery building and we will transform the present house into a Guest House.

We are inviting you to join us at the monastery for some of the services and to visit us whenever convenient for you. It would be safe to give us a call before you came over during weekdays and to verify the schedule of services on our website.

In closing, we like to share an anecdote with you. Someone was asking a Father Abbot as to how necessary was the life of a Monk in our days, if not only to make cheese, unhealthy chocolates, or candles. The abbot answered that the Monk doesn’t have to justify his vocation but only to live truthfully every day experiencing the certainty that his vocation is not for himself alone but that his vocation has a “mystical fertility” at the heart of the Church and of the world. He has the assurance that his “uselessness may still be useful,” being good for nothing, except to attract attention onto God, the only thing necessary.

We thank our past and present monastic community for their dedication to the Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery:                                                                             Arhim. Nicolas (Giroux); Rev. Hierodeacon Mardarie (Tofan) ; Hieromonk Paisie (Buhnila); Arhim. Lucian Coroi, June/2018 – Sept./2021;

Fr. Hieromonk Polycarp 10/2021- present


Welcome to your monastery anytime and do not hesitate to bring other Orthodox Christian believers and friends along with you.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His grace.