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Our address

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Liturgical schedule

Liturgical Schedule for public

Fr. Hieromonk Policarp Cell: 226.200.1074 


Monday through Friday (please announce yourself if you want to join the services) 
 5:00AM Divine Liturgy (Ro/En) 
Saturdays:  8:30AM Matins /10:30AM Divine Liturgy with memorial service (Ro/En)
Sundays:  8:30AM Matins /10:30AM Divine Liturgy (Ro/En)

The patron feast of our community

“Thrice-blessed and all-worshipful Cross of Christ, we the faithful venerate and magnify you being joyous at your divine Exaltation. But since you are the trophy and unconquered weapon, by your grace protect, cover, and shelter those who cry to you: Rejoice, O Wood most blessed. “

Condacul Acatistului Sfintei Cruci

Home – English
Home – English

The patreon saint of our community

“You dawned like a newly-revealed star through the revelation of your holy Relics, O Father, and you shine upon all with the rays of wonders, but ever fulfill the entreaties of those who faithfully hasten to you, O Saint Ephraim, and cry to you: Rejoice, O blessed Father.”

Kontakion of the Akathist to St. Ephraim of Nea Makri

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Our Mission is to offer the testimony of monastic life within our secular and multi-cultural society. We welcome Orthodox Christians of all jurisdictions and anyone who wishes to know more about Orthodoxy and monastic life

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We are building the monastery

Next to it you can see the sketch of the new bodies of the monastery, with the church, the summer altar, the cells, the refectory, the artesian fountain, the pavilion and the gate.

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